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george brescia
Maria LaShawn
After browsing from site to site, in and out of department stores, FINALLY & luckily come across the Co Co Pari Facebook page and all of my shoe dreams have come true! In the beginning I was a little weary about doing the phone purchase but the professionalism of the sales associate convinced me that I was in good hands. I plan to take a trip to Red Bank just so that I can put a face to the women that has simply "made my life easier"!!
Jacqueline Mc
I recently shopped for a dress to wear to a wedding and Sophie was exceptionally helpful. She recommended dresses I normally wouldn't have tried on but I'm so happy I did. She went above and beyond my expectations helping with the dress and shoe selections I'm so excited to wear this dress, I feel comfortable in it and it's beautiful as well. Thanks to all of the staff for their much appreciated opinions and friendliness. Run as fast as you can to Coco Pari!
Dr fontana Christ.loub. Collection is now over 50 pairs!!!!! Love my collection. Neimans or asks don't compare!!!!!Great location and staff.. You are my go to store for an outfit... Off to Italy I need to go shopping....
Love the store, great service, amazing clothing, nice people!!! I just wished there was more options on your webpage: Like pricing, and products you have:) it would Be easier to shop! Good luck!
Rosaria & Rob
My husband always shops for me at CocoPari. Great Boutique since I moved to South Jersey it's difficult for me to go to the city so a friend of mine that use to work with told me about CocoPari in Red Bank that its near where I live now. I love the clothes and shoes. The staff is very helpful. It's like going to SoHo and shopping or a trip to Bergdorf Goodman. Thank You, Rosaria
Stacy W
BEST experience at Coco Pari. I wanted a pair of Christian Louboutins that were sold out just about everywhere. Spoke with Brianna who tried for weeks to get me these shoes. Somehow she found the shoes for me. A few weeks later I again wanted another pair of sold out Christians. Went to the boutique and they again had the shoes. All the sales associates as well as the owner Anthony were amazing. Not the typical snooty attitudes you get at other high end boutiques. Anthony was once of the nicest people I've met and Sophie and Brianna are also dolls. Will never buy another pair of shoes from anywhere else!
Julia Johnson
My boyfriend & I went to the store for the first time on Monday 28, 2011, I was looking at the shoes & a worker came over to help me she was so pretty, attentive, kind, and clearly loves what she does. Her spirit just shined right through and although, I did not buy anything as my finances are pretty tight at the moment, I had the best shopping experience that evening.I went home & told my step mother about the store right away, i couldn't stop thinking about the store all night as well as the evening. My step mother & I have plans to definitely come back to the store once our finances are better to buy shoes & my step mom will also buy those beautiful dresses as well. I also love how the store is so nicely set up, everything is placed so neatly & is easy to see. The store became one of my all time favorite stores to shop at now! I will defiantly tell my friends & family how lovely Coco Pari is.
Debbie Ruggeri
I would like to compliment one of your workers, Fay who assisted me in choosing two pair of shoes which I purchased today. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful to me without being pushy. I have been coming to your Red Bank Store fo the past 10 years and always am successful with finding what seems to be a difficult task in finding the perfect shoe. Today was a day where I traveled to Short Hills, NJ from my home in Staten Island, NY and was not happy with the selection presented to me as well as the sales assistants who were "helping"me. From there, I ended up at your store in Red Bank, as I always do and left with two pair of shoes. Fay was a pleasure to do business with and as always I will recommend your store to anyone wo may ask me!
Barbara C. D.
I've hated shopping lately. My shopping experience at your store has changed my mind. Finally, customer service with a smile. Elizabeth, the young lady who assisted me was just wonderful. I can't say enough good things about your store. Significant Other gave me a shopping spree for Christmas, which he arranged with the assistance of Brianna. It was simply the best present I have ever received. You'll be seeing me again, I promise.
Barbara G.
Just 30 minutes from my home in Staten Island, Coco Pari in Red Bank provided me with a once-in-a-lifetime shopping experience. I have shopped all the boros and Long Island. Yet I never came across the selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories that Coco Pari offers. Further, the staff is simply amazing. You feel as if you have your own "personal" shopper. Salesperson Loren and owner Anthony perfectly selected two items for me - a wonderful dress and a winter jacket I could not resist. It's been three weeks since my visit to Coco Pari and I can'y wait to return. Coco Pari made me feel like a million dollars. Bravo!!!
It was a great experience shopping with Joy, my CocoPari fashion coordinator. She was friendly, talented, knowledgeable and able to key into exactly what I would like. Joy's enthusiasm and excellent taste enhanced my experience, and I will certainly look for her again when I come into the store. Thanks Joy!!!
Sara, Anthony and Kimberly! Just wanted to say hi and am looking forward to visiting my favorite boutique very soon! I am having Coco Pari withdrawals! Vincent and myself always enjoy the wonderful shopping experience and chic atmosphere at Coco Pari. Regards and see you soon, Vivian and Vincent (Brooklyn)
Ali Roussos
After months of searching for the perfect Christian Louboutin shoes, my boyfriend and I coincidentally wound up in Red Bank, NJ for dinner where we stumbled upon CoCo Pari. As soon as I saw the store sold Louboutin's, I ran in. A sales girl named Dawn helped me try on so many pairs, where she advised me in which shoes looked the best.. she was sooo nice and so helpful! She wrote down all the info of the shoe for me while I "thought" about buying them over dinner.. After dinner, I ran back to CoCo Pari frantically searching for Dawn.. where I bought my gorgeous pair of Louboutin's. All the other sales girls in there were very pleasant also. I am definitely looking forward to going back to CoCo Pari.. they had a great selection of accessories, clothing, and shoes!
Shari P., New Jersey
My first visit to the Red Bank store was back in 2/08. Not being a size 2 I was at first very hesitant to enter the store. Upon doing so, I was greeted by a wonderful salesperson, Janine. I found her to be extremely personable, friendly, non-threatening, an all around terrific hands on person. She made me feel as if I had been a long time customer of the store as well as of hers. Never once did I feel rushed or pressured into buying anything. I did in fact walk out with 2 pairs of shoes and one dress. It is now 7/08 and went back to the store. I was EXTREMELY surprised when Jeanine approached me & asked me how I was & how the first dress worked out. We chatted for a moment & then she sold me another 2 dresses & another pair of shoes. The best way to describe my experience at your store is from the scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts walks into the store on Rodeo Drive & is pampered from head to foot. My experiences have been nothing short of spectacular & I feel that I have Jeanine to thank for them.
Kim B., New Jersey
I would like to thank Sara, A beautiful young lady for waiting on me recently. Well... until I had the pleasure of meeting her I honestly started to believe customer service (no matter what you're spending) did not exist... She made me feel confident again in the business and I will trust her completely for myself. Keep hiring the best CocoPari!
Linda G., New Jersey
After years of shopping in department stores, I finally took the trip to Red Bank. I was so impressed with the selection and service. Your talented sales staff gathered around me – ensuring that I looked perfect from head to toe. Every thing I tried on was crisp and pristine – even items from the sale basement! I could not believe that for years I had been shopping in department stores- better described as consignment stores- paying full price for items that had already been worn and returned countless times. I bid farewell to tattered clothes and awful service…Hello CoCo Pari!!
Gillian C., New Jersey
CoCo Pari is quickly becoming a New Jersey landmark. It is the only boutique people will leave Manhattan for. The atmosphere is as though one is on vacation. The impeccable service is something that all businesses should aspire to. I absolutely love everything about CoCo Pari! Thank you for a great overall shopping experience!
Alexis D., New York
I live in Manhattan and prefer to come to Coco Pari to shop. The clothing is amazing and the selections are impeccable. Beyond the merchandise being fabulous, the staff working is very helpful, pleasant, and attentive. I would shop at Coco over any store in Manhattan!
Kate S., Holmdel, New Jersey
This my first time checking out the website and I wanted to add a testimonial of my own. This past August on 100 degree day my best friend and I wandered into the store and we were greeted by smiles and offered some iced tea! Shoe shopping was a wonderful way to beat the heat. Your girls are friendly and great to shop with. It felt like I was shopping with more than just one friend!
RP, Manalapan, New Jersey
Hi. I just wanted to let you know how superbly wonderful it was to have had the experience of finally finding a store that allows me (I am 59 and still feel young!) to find clothing that makes me feel and look great - not like someone 59 trying to be 30! I love to look romantically sensuous and fun. My husband and I have been married for 36 years and I love to feel great when I get dressed as we go out. I have had personal shoppers at Neiman for a few years and I have always had to walk around to pick out clothing on the third floor as I was trying to explain how I wanted to look and feel - they just did not "get" what I was interested in! I want to let you know how wonderfully incredible Sara was. She got what I was interested in, had loads of choices for me (without even meeting me - just a brief interview over the telephone) and ran to get more when some choices she had were just not quite right! I want you to know that I certainly would NOT have purchased the clothing without her - I would have left without buying anything! She is just terrific and made my entire experience even more delightful! I cannot wait to wear what I have purchased (even though it means the weather has to get a bit colder - and I hate cold weather!) My husband and I are going away in two weeks for a weekend and I just cannot wait to wear some of the outfits and I cannot wait until he sees it. It is finally wonderful to know that there is a place that "get's it!" Thanks so very much and I look forward a long relationship of great clothing and accessories.
Tammy G, Short Hills, NJ
My husband and I came in last summer and you and your staff so graciously helped us. That night was one of the best shopping experiences I have ever had. My husband had a great time relaxing, reading magazines and I had a ball trying on the beautiful clothes the sales associates tried so hard to find for me. The whole night was truly an old world service experience. I can't say enough kind things about Coco Pari and your amazing staff.
Tammy G., Short Hills, NJ
After my many trips to your store (including driving 45 minutes for my last birthday) and having an incredible day with Sara from "Coco to Go", in my home, I just had to write in praise of your amazing store and staff. My personal consultation with Sara was an experience that was out of this world! It is truly taking Coco Pari's incredible service to a new dimension. Thank you for providing me with so many wonderful shopping experiences!
Alexandra R., Monmouth Beach, NJ
Once again I waited until the last minute to find something to wear for a special occasion. On the day before, I stopped in to the store and walked out with the hour with a beautiful Mandalay dress and gorgeous high-heeled shoes to match. Not only was I confident your experienced sales team would be able to meet my expectations I left your store feeling exhilarated! Thanks!
David J., Woodstock, NY
I must applaud your sales consultant, Ali on her outstanding performance, conjecture and sales ability. She was professional, courteous and best of all not pushy or overzealous on her presentation of your products. This type of professionalism and beauty is what one would expect when entertaining purchases at a fine boutique as Coco Pari. She made the sale comfortable! Thank you and all of your fine staff for an enticingly wonderful experience.
Debra W., Princeton, N.J.
Thank you for improving my marriage of 20 years, ever since I started dressing younger and sexier. Thanks to your unbelievably beautiful knowledgeable staff my husband takes me out all the time and lately he can't take his eyes or hands off me. I am on my way to give all my boring Burberry trenches and flats away to the girls at the country club so I can buy more high heels and sexier dresses from Coco Pari. Please thank your amazing staff for encouraging me to take some chances with my style.
Industry Magazine
Experience Coco Pari - a true fashion icon worth traveling hours to visit.
NJ Life
Best fashion consultants in the state.
NJ Monthly
Voted Best Boutique in New Jersey.
Sabrina O
My boyfriend, John, and I were at Coco Pari' on Thursday, August 30th, 2007. A salesgirl named Ali was so attentive, kind, and clearly loves what she does. Her spirit just shined right through and although, I did not buy anything as my finances are pretty tight at the moment, I had the best shopping experience that evening. My current financial situation will change and the 1st place I will be celebrating my new fortune will be at Coco Pari'. I would like very much for Ali to be there when the time comes. She made my boyfriend and I feel so welcome and she was very helpful, fun, energetic, and did a magnificent job in showing us all the fabulous inventory of clothes and shoes. Ali helped me try on a pair of very irresistible Sergio Rossi black sandals. They were gorgeous and even though, I wasn't able to make a purchase this time, she made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. She was even kind enough to give me 2 Coco Pari' t-shirts and I love them. Thanks for everything, Ali. They were very smart to hire someone like you. We will be back !!!
Gianna G
The minute I walked into Coco Pari I was amazed that they had clothes that fit me, a twelve year old. Of course, if it weren't for Ali, Joanne, and Christina helping me, I wouldn't have walked out of the store with three Juicy Couture outfits. By the time my mom was finished shopping, it felt like I knew the sales girls forever. They were so friendly and made my experience at Coco Pari so much fun. All the shoes that I tried on were AMAZING! It is so much fun being in a clothing store where my mom and I can both have such a pleasant experience shopping, and have such outstanding people around us, who really want to help!
Colleen G
Hi Girls- I did not forget about you: like everyone, I've been very busy. But I did want to acknowledge Christina and Ally for their stellar service Sat. p.m. It has been a long time but...Does anyone remember what true upscale shopping service should be? Now embellish that with two sincere, infallible assistants to help you find the PERFECT clothing for YOU, YOUR STYLE (ONLY BETTER) and YOUR BODY. Fortunately, I only have to think back to last Saturday evening when I met Christina and Ally at Coco Pari. I'm not 21 nor am I a Size 2 but that didn't matter. They put together the PERFECT choice for ME- something creative and classy that I'll wear with confidence. I heartily encourage anyone looking to upgrade their image and expectations to visit Coco Pari- soon! Vive la Coco Pari!
Lisa C., Philadelphia, PA
After seeing your sexy ads for over a year and wondering why a red bank store would advertise almost 2 hours away. I finally took the drive. I was greeted by 2 young energetic girls named Chrissy and Ali. Their eager service along with the most mind-blowing fashions made my drive worth every minute not to mention the amount of inventory. I counted over 80 styles of Christian Louboutins alone. This experience made it impossible for me to shop in any of these tiny boutiques near my home because now I know they are very limited by there tiny size and lack of inventory thank your entire staff for a wonderful experience.
Amanda, Oceanport, NJ
I am so glad i visited your store again after a 2 year absence. I don't know if the staff you have now is so much better or maybe I was the insecure one in the past, but I have to tell you; your amazing, young, knowledgeable consultants made me feel like royalty. I have never been helped like this with my style they made me feel young again. I will never shop anywhere else especially dept. stores where I have to help myself or be helped by someone my own age who doesn't seem to want to be there.
Kristy W., Celebration, Florida
Every time I come home to NJ I must check out your wonderful store. Last time I bought a beautiful purple Catherine Malandrino tank top. Much to my surprise while watching Desperate Housewives I saw actress Terri Hatcher wearing the same top. Your store carries the most awesome & unique clothing.
Jacqueline B., Freehold, NJ
CoCo Pari has dressed me from head to toe for many occasions where I want to stand out…people are still commenting about my Mandalay dress and Rene Caovilla shoes I purchased for my wedding reception. Thank you for being the one place I know I can go to and have the confidence that whatever I walk out with-I'm going to feel like a million bucks when I wear it. Every woman loves that feeling! You are absolutely fabulous!!!
Haley T., Delta,Ohio
On a recent trip to Red Bank I bought a pair of jeans at your store. I was extremely impressed with your boutique! I absolutely loved the beautiful decor and wonderful staff. Please continue to offer your fabulous clothing and service; it was a terrific experience!
The Star Ledger
South Beach aura, that's entertaining to experience even if you're neither ultra-wealthy nor fashion-model skinny.
the shop exudes
Coco Pari is as much an amusement ride as a retail store. Stocked with ultra high end shoes and fashions Jimmy Choo, anyone? Christian Louboutin.
My favorite place to shop when I visit Red Bank. The sale consultants always encourage me to try on clothing I thought I would never wear and I always leave with a new outfit or 2 and of course shoes to complete the look. I love this Shoe Heaven!
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My husband and I have been shopping at coco pari for approximately 2 years; our favoirite store in Red Bank NJ. It's the way we are treated whenever we go there and how happy they make us when we leave. The staff is friendly and professional. They are like family. We love the affordable prices and the quality and style. The staff is very dedicated and always ensure that we leave satisfied. Their friendly demeanor keeps us going back.
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